Wednesday, March 16, 2011

autumn breezes

Do you know the feeling of  being disconnected? That's where I find myself right now. It's quite confusing, although it isn't bothering me drastically at the moment.

I generally feel disconnected from most people. I guess I feel connected in the way of general humanity, and I'm sure in some sense that I am more connected with my friends. The one person who I normally feel completely aligned with, has left me for dead. Not really. I just really wanted to say 'left me for dead' because it popped into my head. Really, though, the link isn't there at the moment.

Nothing has changed, not really. Is it me? Is it him? Do I really mind? Life is so busy at the moment, I often don't even think about it. That's not true, either. I'm really like that Old Man River song :

"You're on my mind, wherever I go
I think it's time to let you know
That I can't go on watching love wasting away.'

I just can't help it really.

It's hard, too. Few people are supportive of him; in the sense that for their own reasons, they like to drag him down. In many different ways. Ah, obscurity. We are so innately similar, yet if you looked at our personalities from the outside, it would seem like we wouldn't get along at all.  I am now inclined to thrust a series of clichéd questions at you (such as 'why is life so hard?'). I will save you all the trouble and boredom, though.

I don't know what else there is to say. I just wish it could be simple. I see other people who have it easy. Jealousy isn't really my thing though.

On another note, today was such a beautiful autumn day.

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  1. you know what you need. a kangaroo sandwich. im heare at 6.30 munching on one and it makes the whole world better.