Monday, March 14, 2011

goodness, it's late

Indeed, it is. I really should be asleep, but I just found out that we ran out of toilet paper, so I'm a little sad.

I have nothing especially interesting to write about. I drank Spanish hot chocolate today, from Chocolateria San Churro. It made me miss learning Spanish. I wish I could study it without having to pay anything.

Also, I drove about 50 kilometres in thick fog. It was incredibly exciting. Extra driving practice. This reminded me how much I love driving. It also made me wonder how I'm going to get enough cash to fix my car up.

I finished Frankenstein over the weekend. It's good, frustrating, elaborate, and lacking in something. I still haven't worked out what. To much 'woe is me' and not enough rational thinking. I mean, did Frankenstein really think that his monster was coming to take his life, and not his most beloved wifes? He obviously didn't read too many horror novels in his time. He obviously didn't realise how predictable his rational thinking monster man was.

Given my simplistic language I now see that I am using, I think I shall retire, and leave you with my logical complaints about a novel written nearly two hundred years ago.

(picture is of Geneva, where Frankenstein grew up)

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