Tuesday, March 8, 2011

too much info?

Today I saw a tweet from a random girl asking female bloggers between the ages of 18-30 to comment on how they draw the fine line between personal touches and too much information. Obviously, this got me thinking about my own blog.

When I first started writing, I made sure that I wrote with giving too much away. I wrote political commentary (or, the woes of shoe throwing), I wrote about odd things that happened to me, or I chose topics (music, procrastination, etc) to write about. And then, on my return from the middle of nowhere, my blogging style seemed to change. I note how I have written about love, loss, and rejection approximately four times in the past month. Given that I have only written about four posts in the last month, this says something.

I know that I started writing about feelings (trying not to sound like a 16 year old right now) on the internet because I thought it might help me, and if I was lucky, help others. More than if I simply wrote it all down in my little writing book. And it has helped. I've seen things I might not normally have seen. It's helped me open up to people, and now I know that a lot more people really care about me than I actually thought (ego relief?).

I've also recieved comments like 'I love the way you write', 'your blog is so beautiful', etc. (Again, all ego boosters to be sure.) I never heard anything like this when I was writing without heart. So now I am not sure what to do. I thought I had stepped over the line; I wondered if I had crossed into TMI territory. Even if this is so, it has had a much better reception than 'too little information'.

So now I put the question to you all, scary as it may seem to me. I know there are only, say, thirty or so people who read this. The anonymity makes it safe for you, though. What do you prefer? How I feel about John Howard or what goes on in my love life?

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